Biota Max™ Soil Probiotic

 Biolizers –  exclusive products leaving the rest behind Organic living Microbes & Fungi’s

Order Commercial & Residential proven products adding 25% growth reducing chemicals
305-666-6611 produced in the USA.

is an all-natural soil probiotic. Biolizers contains the beneficial bacteria and beneficial fungi found in healthy, productive soil that helps you to grow bigger and better plants!    Repair your soil today by replacing the natural soil biota that is lost to chemicals, heat, cold, fire, drought, and frost.

The beneficial bacteria and beneficial fungi in Biolizers will help you grow bigger, more healthy plants using less nitrogen fertilizer.  Biolizers contains the organisms in Custom GP™, Custom B5™and Custom N2™.   The organisms in Biolizers products are non-toxic, safe, and natural.   NO GMO’s and NO Pathogens!

Biolizers is an easy to use effervescent tablet containing enough bacteria and fungi spores (seeds) to treat your entire lawn and garden, up to 1/4 acre (that’s 1/10 hectare). Tablets are s o lightweight and easy to ship, Biolizers!